Argyle Eagles or Coppell Cowboys Freshman Single mum2805 viewsI used red and black boas, holographic ribbon, and star garland with many strands of customized ribbon
Senior Mum for Homecoming - White and Gold senior homecoming mum1635 views
Single Mum for Homecoming - Freshman single homecoming mum1447 views
Simple Single Mum, Maroon and Silver with a hint of white2216 viewsThis is a simple sample mum that was sent out of state for someone who wanted to start a homecoming tradition in their home state. Along with a white bear in the middle of the flower, there is a military chain, diamond back chain as well as sheer and holographic ribbon
senior white and gold mum (Denton High Broncos)2224 viewsThis is a sample of my diamond mum, tradition is that seniors get a triple mum but that it is only white and gold or white and silver. So why can't the seniors go all out their last year and the diamond mum was a big hit this year. This is your basic set up and it starts out at $70 but the price also includes Homecoming down the center ribbon and both names on each of their individual ribbons all you do is add the trinkets and whatever you would like to put in the flower.
Senior Sach Mum2409 viewsWhether for a senior or made for the homecoming queen this eight mum sach with star garland or glitter lettering will make any senior happy at the homecoming game
Freshman Single Denton High Mum2165 viewsThis single mum for Denton High features a love chain, military chain, criss cross chain, and the diamond back as well as some awesome extra trinkets I had found throughout the year. Purple and Gold is such awesome colors
School Letter Mum2642 viewsArgyle Eagles are red, black, white, and silver. This big A with the eagle in the middle represents the Argyle symbol on the school wall. I can make any schools letter with their mascot in the middle. This a very unique and special mum, this would be great in a teachers room, or just a symbol of school support.
Grapevine Junior Triple Homecoming Mum748 views
Junior Triple Homecoming Mum810 views
Denton Ryan Raiders Homecoming Double Sophomore Mum803 views
Senior Sash Homecoming Mum for Timbercreek Falcons1061 views
Denton Calvary Academy Homecoming Mum852 views
Northwest Texans Homecoming Mum910 views
Northwest Texans Homecoming Double Mum888 views
Northwest Texans homecoming Mum884 views
Denton Broncos Junior Triple Homecoming Mum1007 views
Senior Mum for Homecoming Hot Pink and Black Custom Homecoming Mum2610 views
Senior Mum for Homecoming Baby Pink with other pink accents1886 views
Ryan Raider Cheerleading Homecoming Mum 1316 views
Lake Dallas Freshman Cheerleader Homecoming Mum1127 views
Senior Mum for Homecoming with Yellow accents1684 views
Senior Sash Mum for Homecoming with Lights3143 views
Diamond Senior Mum3847 viewsWhether it is gold and white or silver and white this diamond mum will make anyone who gets this happy
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